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Motorcycle Pulley

Home of our unique, one-directional clutchless-shifting pulley, and our beautiful custom-replacement pulleys. Our pulleys set the industry standard for quality, durability and artwork design, and are machined to extreme quality standards. Our custom replacement pulleys come with extra stock on the mounting surface in order to fit any application, by simply machining the stock to fit your application. UniDrivePulley is your one-stop source for supreme-quality motorcycle pulleys.

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Custom Replacement Drive Pulleys

  • Match your bike theme using your own artwork
  • Polished Aluminum or Color Coatings Available
  • Made From 6061 Hi-Strength Aluminum

Uni-Drive One Directional Rear Pulley

  • Eliminates Clutch Usage During Shifting
  • Eliminates Gap Between Gear Changes
  • The Ultimate HI-Performance Experience

Find Out More Inside

If you are building a custom motorcycle and want a pulley designed specifically for your bike, we will use your artwork to engrave or machine the pulley to your specifications. Our Pulleys are made using the latest, state-or-the-art CNC machines and the finest grade 6061 aluminum available. Without a doubt, these are the finest quality pulleys you can buy!

All pulleys are custom-crafted and built-per-order so we will need your specs such as tooth count, belt width, etc., to ensure a perfect replacement.

Our custom replacements also feature added stock on the mounting surface which can be machined to fit any application. Email: and send us your artwork.

Our unique and exotic Uni-Drive Pulley is the ultimate Hi-Performance component! By allowing the pulley to freewheel in one direction it relieves back pressure on the gearbox which makes shifting a breeze. With just a slight blip of the throttle, gear changes become crisp, clean, and instant with no gap. This comes in super-handy in daily riding especially in heavy traffic when you constantly speed up and slow down. It's also a huge relief for bikes that use heavy clutch springs which make it difficult to operate for daily use.

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