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Home of our unique and our beautiful custom-replacement pulleys. Our pulleys set the industry standard for quality, durability and artwork design, and are machined to extreme quality standards. Our custom replacement pulleys come with extra stock on the mounting surface in order to fit any application, by simply machining the stock to fit your application. UniDrivePulley is your one-stop source for supreme-quality motorcycle pulleys.


Our Custom Replacement Pulleys are manufactured to fit American-Made V-Twins. We formulated the widest mounting flange found on the Pt # 40114-07 Dyna / FXD model pulleys and will machine the mounting surface down if required. This makes selecting a rear pulley so much easier! If you would like a custom pulley for your foreign bike, send us your bolt pattern along with the specs and we will custom-build it to your specifications.
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Just think about not having to look through countless catalogs when looking for a custom rear pulley. This is what our new Uni-Drive Custom Replacements will do for you. Our Custom Replacements come with extra material on the mounting surface which can be machined specifically for your application. This takes the guesswork out of purchasing a pulley for your custom builds. One size fits all, and a choice of incredible custom art-work OR blank center sections to be machined by your local machine shop. You can even submit your own artwork and let us machine your own custom designs. It doesn't get any easier than that.

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Our New Custom Replacement Pulleys are made from 6061-T Aluminum for extra strength and long-lasting durability.

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For the first time ever, you can actually have your own artwork inside of your new custom replacement pulley from the Uni-Drive team. We welcome all bike-builders to submit the design and let us check it for feasibility, and then we will custom-build your pulley in house and ship it directly to you. How about that for a no-hassle program!

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Our extra mounting surface means no more hassle when searching for the right pulley for your application. Our custom replacements are currently available for American-Made V-Twins, but we will available for foreign bikes in the very near future.

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