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Home of our unique, one-directional clutchless-shifting pulley. Our pulleys set the industry standard for quality, durability and artwork design, and are machined to extreme quality standards. Our custom replacement pulleys come with extra stock on the mounting surface in order to fit any application, by simply machining the stock to fit your application. UniDrivePulley is your one-stop source for supreme-quality motorcycle pulleys.


BEFORE ordering, please note the specifications provided in the photo. They will not fit every bike so be sure you have enough clearance.

Make sure that the center hub will fit between the swing-arm and the wheel first, and then provide us with a distance from the center of your belt to the mounting surface of the pulley. Belt tracking can be adjusted with shims provided in the kit to fit various applications.
Innovative design
Creative and intelligent solutions

Just imagine... a product that will change the way you ride your motorcycle. With the use of a one-directional center section, you can turn your cruiser into a sport/ luxury bike in just minutes by installing just one component. The unique, one-directional center section of our Uni-Drive Pulley takes place of the clutch with just a flick of the throttle to bring motorcycle riding to an entirely new level of enjoyment.

Road Ready
High quality custom friendly

Our New Uni-Drive Pulley has been put through the most extensive, hard-core testing that you could ever imagine, and has proven itself to be sheer perfection right out of the box. You will not find a more unique and thrilling bolt-on product for your motorcycle.

Totally unique
You can only get these here

Never before in the history of motorcycles has such a revolutionary new product been introduced to the motorcycle world.
This is the closest thing to having an automatic transmission without actually having an automatic transmission. Not having to use the clutch lever for every shift is a monumental achievement. 

Sharp solutions
Elaborated code and trendy design

What was once a 3-part action between throttle/ clutch lever and shifter, has just become only throttle and shifter, by simply a flick of the throttle with the new Uni-Drive Pulley. This reduces wear on the clutch, clutch cable, the transmission, and drastically reduces the rpm drop in-between shifts to prevent loss of torque and power, to bring riding to an entirely new level of fun and excitement.


1) Make sure that the center hub will fit between your frame and wheel. The center hub is 39mm wide, which will fit most bikes.
2) Once this is verified, please provide us with what side drive your bike is, along with:     
     a) Your belt width (Measurement A in second image) and..
     b) The distance from belt centerline to mounting surface (Measurement B in second image). 

Belt Width Measurement

Distance from Belt Centerline

Drive Side
# of teeth - 66 or 70
Belt Width / Belt Distance